Muestra Pintura Pizarra Transparente Smart

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Transform any painted smooth surface into a writable surface with Smart Whiteboard Paint – Clear. This product is a high quality transparent dry erase paint that can be used on any smooth surface to transform it into a functional surface with just one coat.

Smart Whiteboard Paint – Clear allows you to keep the original wall colour, while adding the functionality of a whiteboard. Create a writable surface in your office, school or home with this clear dry erase paint As this paint is transparent it can easily blend into your office decor when not in use.

This sample includes an A5 size sample of our clear whiteboard paint so you can test its performance and see the quality for yourself. If you’re looking to transform your wall today, you can purchase Smart Whiteboard Paint – Clear here.

Looking to place a large order? We offer volume discounts, meaning the larger your surface the more you will save. If you need any help deciding which solution best fits your needs, just email us at [email protected]om, or book a call with our team. One of our experts will be happy to speak to you and give any guidance you need on our product range.

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